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Yesterday I visited Belton House, another location used in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. It has been on my to ‘see list’ for a while as the house, and all its windows and chimneys, belong to Lady Catherine de Bourgh. It is just as impressive in real life as it appears on screen – do you recognise it?

Rosings Park, 24.08.14 022

Other views you might remember:

Rosings Park, 24.08.14 030

The path leading up to the house – you might remember Mr Collins telling Elizabeth not to worry about her appearance as Lady Catherine ‘likes to have the distinction of rank preserved.’




Rosings Park, 24.08.14 026


 Mr Darcy enters the house via these steps after Elizabeth refuses his first offer of marriage





Rosings Park, 24.08.14 009         Rosings Park, 24.08.14 002

I wasn’t sure about this one but after checking the DVD, I’m pretty certain that this is the church used to introduce Mr Collins in episode 2 (the part where he pushes one of the congregation away to let Lady Catherine and her daughter leave the church). It would make sense to use it as the church is also in the grounds of Belton! You can also see it just to the right of the Orangery in the second photo.

Rosings Park, 24.08.14 034

The location is doubly exciting for Pride and Prejudice fans, as the interior was also used in the series; but here I have to admit to being defeated – I could only identify one of the rooms from the programme. This was the hall with the black and white marble floor and staircase, which helps Mr Darcy escape his aunt after Elizabeth rejects him.




The house is now being looked after by the National Trust and even if you’re not a fan of Pride and Prejudice, I would definitely recommend it for a good day out!