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Bath has to be one of my favourite cities and a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see it host the Jane Austen festival. There was a teaser in my previous post showing a wonderful group of re-enactors in full military uniform; but there was more! Wherever you looked there were Jane Austen enthusiasts, many of them dressed in spectacular Regency costumes, and helpfully for spectators they all gathered in Queen’s Square before the Grand Promenade; perfect for taking photographs!

Don’t they look lovely! We kept bumping into each other during the course of the day and I found out they had come all the way from Florida to celebrate!

I was so impressed with the lengths people went to; there was even a ‘fencing’ contest and musicians!

And I captured these as the procession started.

After seeing all these beautiful dresses and outfits, I wished we stilled dressed like this today. How about you? How would you feel if 19th century fashion suddenly became all the rage?