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Whilst in Derbyshire…visit the setting for Lambton!

Before going to the Peak District last week, I did some research on the locations used in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I wanted to visit as many as possible, even the ones that only appear in a couple of scenes, to satisfy my cravings for all things Jane Austen-related. It was very pleasing to discover that several of the locations are in close proximity,  which no doubt helped with filming too, so on the day I visited the Ramshaw Rocks, I also visited Lambton, aka Longnor.

In the picture above, you can see the building that was used as the inn at Lambton, where Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle Gardiner stayed. This is where the servant announced to Elizabeth that Mr Darcy was waiting for her in the parlour 🙂

The ‘inn’, actually an art studio, is situated on Chapel Street but as everything else has remained the same, you can have a real Elizabeth Bennet moment if you feel that way inclined. I did!

This is the view past the ‘inn’, complete with tractor, taking you up to the church. Imagine Mr and Mrs Gardiner walking up here as Elizabeth reads that fateful letter from Jane.

Here’s where the carriage taking Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle back to Hertfordshire would have stopped:

I think these were the only scenes filmed here (please correct me if I’m wrong!) but to visit them felt special for me as Pride and Prejudice fan. I might have let a squeal of delight when I saw this street.

Like so many villages in the Peak District, Longnor is full of pretty, stone-built houses and cobbled streets that have that special untouched feel, and give the village its character. If it wasn’t for the builders working close by and the odd car engine, it would have felt like stepping back in time!

Longnor is situated a few miles south east of Buxton along the B5053 and not far at all from the Ramshaw Rocks so you can see all three places in the same day, which makes visiting this area very worthwhile.

I would definitely recommend all three as part of a day out whether you’re a Jane Austen fan or not!

Have you visited any film or television locations? Which was your favourite?