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Walking in Elizabeth Bennet’s foosteps

I spent last week in the Peak District where I was lucky enough to see some of the locations used in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. It has been a dream to stand where Elizabeth, played by Jennifer Ehle, did for far too long and I couldn’t contain my excitement on seeing the Ramshaw Rocks! Those who have seen this adaptation or have walked the famous formation I’m sure will instantly recognise this particular one.

There was some debate between me and my family as to what the rock resembles – we settled for a grumpy man – but of course the main attraction for Pride and Prejudice fans is admiring the rock and views like Elizabeth did (and possibly pretending to be her!). The views are, as she describes them, ‘beautiful’.

This is what she would have seen to the right of the view above:

View to the left:

The view ahead (my favourite so there are two):

And the view behind of the path. You might remember seeing Mr and Mrs Gardiner walking along here:

The rocks are very easy to get to: they’re located about 6 miles south west of Buxton, famous for its spas and Pavilion Gardens which are well worth a visit, along the Roman Road, also known as the A53. You’ll see the formation from the road and then a narrow road to the right (if you’re coming from Buxton) which seems to cut through the last part of the formation. If you follow this, you will come to a lay-by at the base of the rocks where you can park and start your ascent!

It’s only a short distance up to the top with well-trodden footpaths to follow, although I wouldn’t attempt the walk without a pair of good walking boots or in particularly bad rain as it could be slippery. You can start a walk here to The Roaches, which I believe were used in the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, but we didn’t attempt this on the day.

I’ve included this information as I struggled to find any with a Google search so I hope it helps if you go.

Here’s some more inspiration if you need it!

And a final farewell. Can you spot it?

I also visited the setting for Lambton and the interior scenes of Pemberley, which I’ll be blogging about too.