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This is something I’ve always been a bit embarrassed to admit to but really feel it’s time to get off my chest: my ever-expanding collection of Pride and Prejudice sequels and variations. To date I have 17, which not many people knew about until now! I’m not sure why I’ve kept this secret, or some of the books hidden, but guess it feels a bit unhealthy to have so many books all on the same subject. I’m worried what friends and family will think if they see so many novels with Mr Darcy in the title; although female friends may be slightly more understanding about that.

I’ve built up the collection over the past 5 years after watching an episode of the Weakest Link; strange connection I know but it was thanks to this show that I’ve been one very happy lady for the past few years 🙂 One of the questions asked was ‘Who wrote “Pemberley”, a sequel to Pride and Prejudice’ and my ears pricked up immediately. A sequel to Pride and Prejudice? I didn’t know such a book existed! So I got straight onto the computer, looked up the book on Amazon and found not just one but a whole host of Jane Austen tributes. I was staggered! I don’t know how many I ordered at the time but it was enough to keep my going for a good few months. Once I’d read those I bought another one, and then another, and yes another. 5 years later and I’m still reading them. Don’t think this obsession is going to end any time soon…

There was an interesting post on travelingwitht a few weeks ago that made me think I should at least try a different genre like T had. I tried with the Time Traveler’s Wife and managed the first five pages before getting fed up and putting it back on the bookshelf never to be opened again! I tried again with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; no luck there either. I might have started in the wrong places but it seems I just can’t be without Mr Darcy and Lizzy. My old English teacher would have something to say about that I’m sure.

There are lots of Jane Austen fans who enjoy reliving the story in different ways, and seeing it continued; I think it’s because it’s hard to let go of the endearing and loveable characters Jane created! There is something so captivating about all of them that Jane Austen fans like myself just can’t get enough. We want to know more, understand the characters better and see how they react in different situations which keeps this genre of sequels and variations alive. I think I’ve convinced myself to stick with it for now!

What are your literary tastes? Do you prefer one genre over any other or do you read around?

If you have any summer reading recommendations, Pride and Prejudice-related or not, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Lady J