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Some hopefully interesting facts about Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


  • Jane Austen began writing the novel in October 1796 under the title First Impressions.
  • First Impressions was finished in summer of the following year but the publisher refused to read it! 
  • Jane reworked the book, shortened it and renamed it Pride and Prejudice
  • Pride and Prejudice was the second of Jane Austen’s works to be published. It followed Sense and Sensibility, published 1811. 
  • Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813

The story

  • Fictional settings in the book include Meryton, Hunsford, and Lambton, but Brighton, Chatsworth and Blenheim do exist!
  • With ten thousand pounds a year, Mr Darcy would have been one of the 400 richest men in England. A very eligible match 😉
  • Jane Austen described her novel as “too light and bright and sparkling“. I don’t think her fans mind that!
  • Lottery tickets aren’t a modern invention; Jane Austen refers to the game ‘lottery tickets’, where participants won prizes, in chapter 15!

Screen adaptations

  • Pride and Prejudice has been adapted for screen 6 times (so far); the first in 1940, the latest in 2005
  • 9 million people in the UK watched the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in 1995; this would have been the entire population in England and Wales in Jane Austen’s time.

It’s not an exhaustive list but just a few things I’ve come across and wanted to share.

I wish I could say that I knew all of them off by heart but as both my memory and general knowledge leave something to be desired, these books helped me out:

1. Jane Austen’s World by Maggie Lane, Carlton Books, 1996

2. Explanatory notes in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Penguin edition, 1996

Do you have any Pride and Prejudice facts up your sleeve? (figuratively speaking!)