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You might have read in the news today that Pride and Prejudice is about to get the 50 Shades of Grey treatment. I suppose it’s not surprising given how popular EL James’ book has been but I have to say I was disappointed by this news. At least at first.

For me, Pride and Prejudice has a real charm because it reflects the values of the time, and doesn’t resort to scenes of a more unsavoury nature, shall we say, unlike so many modern books. The story really doesn’t need to go any further as there’s so much to enjoy in it as it is. Caught up in the moment, I was all ready to object to the idea of a racy revamp but had to stop in my tracks as I remembered my guilty pleasure: reading Abigail Reynolds’ variations. *Blush*

If you’re not familiar with her books, she can be quite explicit about the more intimate details of Mr Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship! These details are woven around a clever storyline so they can be ignored (I will flick through these passages pretty quickly to spare my blushes!) but do add another dimension to the story that Jane Austen, whether knowingly or not, left to our imaginations. If the Mr Grey effect is anything to go by, then imagining what went on behind closed doors does have a certain appeal for the modern audience!

The publisher of this new version, Total E-Bound, are certainly selling the idea well – it must have been in all the major UK newspapers today – and with the tag line ‘the scenes you always wanted to see but were never allowed’ are bound to set taste buds tingling.

I’m forced to conclude then, not entirely without reserve, that the ‘new’ Pride and Prejudice probably will appeal and shed a different light on the story that may be quite intriguing. I just hope the characters are still recognisable from the original and don’t become too obsessed with anything improper!

If you are curious, then you can read more here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/oh-mr-darcy-pride-and-prejudice-among-classic-novels-to-receive-erotic-makeover-7946364.html

So will Pemberley fall into disrepute? May be in this new version but here, at least, I will try and keep it the same as it ever was!

What do you think about this take on Pride and Prejudice? Are you keen to get your hands on a copy or is the original all you need for a good read?