It feels like a big event writing my first proper blog post! It must be as I’ve been awake since 8 thinking about it, and very, very rarely does anyone see me before 9  at the weekend. I’m a girl who likes her sleep 😉

I was thinking how to kick things off and thought where better to start than the beginning of my Pride and Prejudice journey…

It started when my dad bought my mum the video of the BBC adaptation ; I imagine there are probably quite a lot of us who remember that version! It must have been in the mid 90s (eek, how quickly time goes!) and we sat glued to the screen for hours every bank holiday watching Lizzy and Mr Darcy’s battle of wits and the other equally brilliant characters playing out their own storylines around them. I’m not sure my dad would have bought it knowing it would take up 5 hours of viewing time!

Looking back, I don’t think I properly understood the story until much later. I’m ashamed to admit that I quite liked Mr Wickham, to start with at least (I blame being very young at the time and not understanding the setting – that’s my excuse anyway ;)). It wasn’t until I read the book in my teens that I realised how bad he really was, and then felt quite guilty haha.  I did like Colonel Fitzwilliam though so I hope that makes up for it just a bit!

I first read the book on a family holiday. My sister was studying it for her English GCSE I think, which I was very jealous of at the time (and still am a bit today!) as I was set Lord of the Flies – not really my sort of book and there was no Mr Darcy! Well actually at the time I preferred the Colonel so maybe I should say there was no Colonel Fitzwilliam! We’d just got back to the place where we were staying and a big storm broke so there wasn’t much we could do apart from watching the lightning light up the sky! I was, and still am, very scared of storms, crashes of thunder make me jump a mile, so I needed a distraction and found it in the form of Pride and Prejudice. I read it from cover to cover that night. Safe to say it was the best book I’d ever read! I hadn’t read a Jane Austen novel before but was instantly captivated by her writing style; it was entertaining and just beautifully written so you have a real sense of time and setting. She really has a way of bringing characters to life, almost like they’re playing the scene out before your eyes, which I absolutely love! I thought it was very fitting to read the first proposal in a storm too! With the explanation of Mr Wickham’s character, which I somehow seemed to have missed in the TV adaptation, I realised who was more deserving of my esteem too…

So there it is, the beginning of my obsession, and my first blog post! Woohoo! I hope you enjoyed it. I might go and have a celebratory glass of champagne now. Or a croissant as it is only 10am. I do like a croissant.

I hope you enjoy reading. If anyone should ever follow my blog and comes across this post, let me know what your favourite book is and your first memories of it!

Bye for now. Lady J